Bushmaster is the premier off-road caravan manufacturer in Australia. They’re rugged and reliable off-road caravans that can withstand anything the open road throws at them. Built with adventure in mind, Bushmaster caravans are the toughest around.

Aussie Leisure Loans can help you finance your Bushmaster caravan purchase. Contact us today to learn about your Bushmaster caravan loan options.

Why choose Bushmaster?

Uncompromising durability

Built to conquer the most challenging terrains, Bushmaster caravans are made of aluminium frames and aluminium off-road chassis. These caravans were created with off-road enthusiasts, thrill seekers, and adventurers in mind. Bushmaster caravans are rugged, durable, and equipped to handle the toughest conditions Australia has to offer.

Thoughtfully designed for comfort

The rugged exteriors give way to carefully designed interiors made to provide warm and spacious living areas. Enjoy the serenity of remote locations with the comforts of home.

Customisable options

Every traveller has unique needs. Bushmaster offers a range of customisable options so you can tailor your RV to your specific preferences. Whether it's additional storage, solar power, or specific layouts, Bushmaster can create an RV that matches your lifestyle.

Finance your Bushmaster caravan with Aussie Leisure Loans

Buy a Bushmaster caravan without breaking the bank. Aussie Leisure Loans can offer you flexible loan solutions so you can own the caravan of your dreams.

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Personalised loan solutions

Aussie Leisure Loans recognizes that every adventurer is unique. We provide personalised loan solutions that align with your budget and lifestyle, ensuring your caravan purchase is a perfect fit for your financial situation.

Competitive interest rates

Aussie Leisure Loans, powered by CarLoans.com.au, has access to a large network of lenders and dealerships making it easy to secure competitive interest rates for your caravan loan. Embark on your off-road adventures sooner with the best caravan loan available.

Effortless application process

Applying for a caravan loan with Aussie Leisure Loans is simple and convenient. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll handle the rest. Our specialist brokers will oversee your application process from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

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