If you’re still on the fence about investing in a camper trailer, this article is for you. Everyone’s travelling style is unique. You have the light packers, the luxury travellers, the budget-conscious…. But if your grand plan to travel around Australia is to get closer with nature, then you should consider getting a camper trailer. Why? For one, there’s a unique sense of adventure that comes with travelling with a camper trailer on tow. Second, you’ll save money with your low-cost portable home. But there’s more to camper trailers than just experience and savings.

1. The Convenience Of Your Own Home

A camper trailer lets you experience camping with more convenience than your typical tent. It offers so much more than just a space to sleep in the bush or the beach. With the built-in amenities of a camper such as a fridge, a small kitchen and sink, stoves, and storage compartments, you can easily save money on food and certain facilities.

2. Camp Anywhere You Want

There’s no Australian terrain that you can’t navigate with a camper. You can cross shallow streams and rivers, hit the desert, and travel on dirt roads because camper trailers are purposely built to outlast them all. Whether you plan to camp in a national park or the great outback, you’ll reach your chosen destination with all your camping essentials intact.

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3. Store It With Ease

Do you have limited garage space? No problem. A camper trailer is much more compact than bulkier caravans or campervans and does not take up a lot of space to store. When you get back from your camping trip, you can easily keep your trailer in the garage, carport, or elsewhere on your property without compromising on space.

4. No Need For A Vehicle Upgrade

Buy a camper trailer and you can use your existing vehicle for towing, provided it has a towbar. There’s no need to upgrade to a bigger 4WD (unless you really want to of course) because most camper trailers are fairly lightweight. Caravans and campervans require larger and more powerful tow vehicles, so if you don’t already have the appropriate vehicle then you’ll need to factor this in when going shopping for your leisure vehicle.

Choosing A Camper Trailer

So, have you decided to buy a camper trailer? If yes, then great. The next thing to do now is choosing the camper trailer that’s right for you. Before going to the dealerships, make sure to do your research. Some things to consider when choosing a camper trailer include your budget, the places you’ll travel to, and the number of people travelling with you. You also need to decide whether you want a soft-floor camper or a hard-floor camper.

When you’ve found the camper trailer for you, it’s not a bad idea to try and hire out your chosen model (or failing that, one that’s similar to your chosen model), for a day or two. This way, you’ll be able to test out the camper and find out if it’s indeed the right one for you.

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