So, you’ve finally bought a caravan but have no idea how to take care of it. Storing your caravan properly is key to its longevity. This quick guide provides useful tips and tricks to keep your caravan stored properly and ready to go whenever you need it.  

Cover your caravan when it’s outside 

If you can’t keep your caravan in the garage, a good storage solution would be to cover it. Covers are effective to help protect your caravan from rain and UV damage. Apart from that, it’ll be safe from falling fruit, twigs, branches, bird poo and most of all, harsh weather. 

You can also keep your caravan covered inside the garage, so it won’t accumulate too much dust if it's not used for a while. It can also save you a trip or two to the car wash before every holiday. 

Clean the exterior before storing 

It may sound counterproductive but it's best to clean and polish the caravan’s exterior before storing it. This helps maintain the integrity of your leisure vehicle and ensure it’s in top condition.  

If you went caravanning in the woods, for example, you don’t want to leave all the mud and dirt on there until the next time you take it out.  

Take care of the awnings 

If you have awnings or shade sails, you need to be more mindful when storing your caravan. Clean each awning and sail thoroughly before rolling them up and packing them away. Avoid using bleach or other harmful chemicals when cleaning awnings and sails as it could damage them. You can add wax coatings to avoid leaks and ensure they’re in good condition on your next use. 

Empty the fridge 

Before putting your caravan in storage, empty the refrigerator first. Open the fridge and take everything out. Don’t be tempted to leave a thing or two because that’s a sure way to invite rats and other pests, not to mention mould and bacteria.  

Clean out the fridge carefully making sure you leave no spills behind. Leave the fridge doors ajar to prevent moulds or any strong odours from developing. 

Remove all food from the caravan 

Aside from the refrigerator, you need to take out all the food in the cupboards, drawers, and other storage spaces. Food attracts all sorts of pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents. To avoid all of that, it’s best to take food and other perishables out of the caravan before putting it in storage. 

Clean the whole caravan interior 

After your trip, it’s best to clear out the whole caravan from top to bottom. This includes clothing, camping gear, sporting equipment, and the like. Wipe down everything including the mats too to avoid any pest infestation. 

Wax the caravan 

Once you’ve cleaned everything inside, it’s time to work on the exterior. Apply wax to the caravan and use a lubricant for corner jacks and hitches. Use sprays like WD-40 or CRC or look for dry silicone-based variants to rust-proof these areas. These are cheap and won’t stain your clothes when you use them. 

Drain the water from the tanks 

Unused water stored for months or weeks would go stale and become unsafe to drink so it’s pointless to leave it there. You need to check and drain the water from your reservoir including that in the toilet cassette and flush tank. Once you’re done, leave the cap off for a few hours and when it’s completely dry, put it back on to prevent ants and other insects from getting in. 

Turn off the gas tanks 

Refill the gas cylinder before storing your caravan. After that, turn off and burn the excess from the pipe. No need for you to undo lines or leave it open because it will only attract bugs. Choose a spot inside the caravan that doesn’t get direct sunlight, so the material of the hose doesn’t weaken. 

Check the outlets and power points 

Most caravans require a 15 AMP power supply and connecting it at home might be a problem because most only have 10 AMP. You can install a 15 AMP by a technician or get adaptors so the caravan can go with a 10 AMP power supply. 

Once you’re done plugging it in, ensure the lead is disconnected and secure the outlet too, so it doesn’t dangle afterwards. 

Take care of your battery 

When a motorhome isn’t in use its digital clocks, LEDs, and satellite tracking systems use up the battery. This causes it to run flat, especially the lithium-ion ones. To prevent that from happening, you can install a fail-safe cut-off device that is activated when the charge drops to a low level. Another option is to connect it to a 240v power source placed on the roof or to use portable solar panels. 

Mind the tyres 

To ease the pressure on tyres when you store your caravan, you can use independent trailing arm suspension systems or, the older approach which is to jack it off the ground and put wood blocks under the axles. If you are parking it on an even surface, it’s good to inflate it to its maximum allowable pressure to prevent damage. 

The recommended lifespan of tyres in Australia is five years from its manufacturing date. Its rubber will deteriorate when left under the sun for too long. To avoid this, you must choose a spot with enough shade and make sure it is covered. 

Thinking of buying a new caravan? 

Now that you know how to take care of a caravan, you’re ready to start owning one. If you’re looking to buy a new caravan, Aussie Leisure Loans can give you a hand. Call us at 1300 889 669 to find out more about our caravan loans. We can connect you with trusted lenders. 


Where can I store my caravan? 

You can store your caravan in your garage, but if it doesn’t fit, you can have it in campsite storage or caravan storage. 

How much does it cost to store a caravan? 

It depends on the caravan storage facility, the type of caravan you’re storing, and for how long. Some caravan storage facilities charge anywhere between $40 to $250 a month.  

How do you store a caravan over the winter? 

When storing your caravan for the winter, make sure to check the vents, drain the water from the tanks, cover the caravan, and disconnect it from the gas and batteries. 

How do you store caravan toilet cassettes? 

For the toilette cassette, it’s best to keep the toilet blade open so the seal doesn’t dry out. Unscrew the spout cap, as well to help ventilate the toilet cassette. 

Can I store my caravan at home? 

Yes, if you can fit it in your garage or property, you could store it at home. Storing a caravan at home is a much cheaper alternative compared to using a caravan storage facility. 

Can I park my caravan on my front lawn? 

You could park your caravan on your front lawn, but make sure to have it covered to protect it from the elements.  

Can I store my caravan on a slope? 

You can store your caravan on a slope. To help keep it balanced put levelling blocks or wheel clocks under the downhill wheels. 

Can I keep my caravan on site all year? 

It depends on the caravan park site operator. You may stay at a campsite for extended periods.