When dreaming of a grand road trip adventure, almost everyone thinks of huge luxury caravans with all the fancy features and amenities. Although travelling in one of those sounds marvellous, the reality of it can be a bit tricky. Bigger caravans can be a nightmare to tow if you don’t have the right equipment.

The good news is there are plenty of great international and Australian caravans out there under 2000kg that can give you all the comforts you’re looking for while being easy to drive and maneuver. A caravan in the 1200kg to 2000kg class means most mid to large sedans can legally do the towing.

To help you find the best deluxe caravans, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 caravans under 2000kg:

1. Crusader CRV Esperance

Price: Estimated $45,000

ATM: 1,800kg

Tare: 1,350kg

Best suited for: Couples or solo travellers going on long outdoor holidays.

Highlights: Great layout and amenities including a kitchen, bathroom, and queen-sized bed. It has good insulation too.

Lowlights: No separate external 12V socket and space can be cramped when turning the queen-sized bed into two single beds.

The 2021 Crusader CRV Esperance is a small, lightweight caravan that lets you travel in style and comfort. Designed by Australian caravan developer Crusader Caravans, the Esperance is incredibly durable and made from only the best materials.

Equipped with a range of amenities like a kitchen, refrigerator, queen-sized bed (that can be split into two single beds), a microwave, plenty of storage, and more. It's everything you expect from a high-end caravan but at a budget-friendly price. It’s affordable luxury on wheels.

It’s great for those who want to go to more remote areas without sacrificing modern comforts. However, since the Esperance is compact, it’s only fit for two people at most and not made for big groups.

2. Adria Altea 402 PH Sport

Price: Estimated $69,200

ATM: 1,600kg

Tare: 1,280kg

Best suited for: Couples or small groups looking for a comfortable caravan.

Highlights: Has a toilet, shower, and great sleeping areas.

Lowlights: The kitchen layout isn’t very spacious with little bench space.

The Adria Altea 402 PH Sport is a lightweight entry-level caravan that offers all the travel necessities. It’s easy to tow and maneuver too. It’s equipped with intelligent LED lights throughout the cabin. It also has a Smart kitchen and Ergo bathroom.

The caravan can fit up to four people which makes it great for small families. It’s spacious for two people, so if you’re planning a weekend getaway with you and your partner, the Altea 402 PH Sport is ideal.

Overall, the Adria Altea 402 PH Sport is a practical and relatively spacious caravan. What it lacks in exterior appeal, it makes up for with its functionality.

3. Adria Aviva 472 PK

Price: Estimated $39,990

ATM: 1,600kg

Tare: 1,230kg

Best suited for: Families who want to go on a cross-country road trip while on a budget.

Highlights: One of the most affordable and lightweight caravan options. Has spacious beds and features for the best comfort.

Lowlights: Not suited for big families. The full wind-down corner stabilisers can be time-consuming.

The 2021 Adria Aviva 472 PK is great for families with spacious beds, bathroom facilities, and a simple kitchen. It’s compact and uses every millimetre of space it can provide a cosy experience. There are two overhead lockers, a window shelf, and a hanging cupboard for storage.

This caravan is quite practical with the café-style dinette folding into a bed. The lower bunk bed can be folded away to maximise the living area. The bunk beds also have curtains to give passengers more privacy (much needed especially while living in very close proximity).

It features a cassette toilet, shower, and washbasin. It also has a stainless-steel sink and a three-burner cooker. What’s great about this caravan is that even though it’s small it has all the essentials.

4. Century Trailers Venus11

Price: Estimated $35,000

ATM: 1,500kg ATM

Tare: 972kg

Best suited for: Solo travellers going for a quick weekend getaway.

Highlights: Compact and comfortable. Offers great manoeuvrability and easy towing.

Lowlights: A bit too small and can only fit the barest of necessities.

At only 11 feet long, the Century Trailers Venus11 is one of the smallest caravans on this list. This sleek and compact caravan has a modern interior with features such as a shower, toilet, sink, indoor induction cooker, range hood, and plenty of storage spaces.

If you’re travelling light for a camping trip but still want some comfortable amenities, this is a good caravan for it. Although not as luxurious as other caravans on this list, the Venuss11 provides all the essentials.

This caravan is more for casual trips to the campgrounds. It’s not necessarily built for long winding road trips across the countryside.

5. Golf Caravan Maxxi 390 PT

Price: Estimated $70,490

ATM: 1,600kg

Tare: 1,300kg

Best suited for: Solo travellers or couples going on an off-road adventure.

Highlights: Great layout with a split bathroom. Has a light pop-top and is easy to set up. Built to withstand off-road terrains.

Lowlights: The roof is heavier because of the air conditioner and the A-frame tap is unprotected. A bit more expensive compared to other caravans with similar amenities and size.

The Golf Caravan Maxxi 390 PT is a lightweight caravan with a heavy-duty chassis construction and state-of-the-art AI-Ko suspension systems. It’s built to handle tough terrain and conditions. If you’re itching for an off-road holiday, this caravan may just be the perfect fit.

Although quite small, it has everything you need for a quick holiday. It’s equipped with a kitchen (rangehood, microwave, refrigerator, and cooktop), bathroom facilities (shower and toilet), and a spacious sleeping area.

If you’re travelling alone or with a partner, this cosy caravan is a great option. It’s pricier than similar caravans of the same size and weight, but the off-road capabilities may make up for it.

6. Jayco Journey Pop-top Caravan

Price: Estimated $69,390

ATM: 1,977kg for the 16 ft – 4 model

Tare: 1,592kg

Best suited for: Families of four going on a long holiday.

Highlights: Great sleeping accommodations, ample storage, and air conditioning.

Lowlights: Some models may not have bathroom facilities while others have no bunk beds.

The Jayco Journey has an incredibly extensive range of caravan options from 12ft to 17ft. Finding a caravan that fits your needs is easy with so many to choose from. The smallest Jayco Journey Pop-top caravan can comfortably fit two adults and two children. It’s great for those who want to go on long winding road trips with the whole family.

This conventional caravan has all the essentials such as a small kitchen, air conditioner, and comfortable living space and sleeping arrangements. Although this caravan isn’t equipped with bathroom facilities you have the option to add an external shower.

Some Jayco Journey models can sleep up to six people, however, they might not be as lightweight as other versions.

7. Ezytrail Winton 10

Price: Estimated $31,990.00

ATM: 1,500kg

Tare: 1,080kg

Best suited for: Solo travellers or couples looking for a low-maintenance, entry-level caravan.

Highlights: Simple, easy to set up, and has all the basic amenities.

Lowlights: Very basic in terms of features and can only do on-road travels.

The Ezytrail Winton 10 is a great on-road caravan for those who don’t want something simple but complete with the basic amenities. It has a fully equipped kitchen with a 50L fridge and a self-contained ensuite. Other features include air conditioning to keep you cool during the summer months and plenty of storage.

There’s not much to say about the Winton 10 aside from being reliable. The caravan is quite small, but the smart design makes up for it. It’s easy to tow and great for spontaneous weekend getaways.

8. Jayco Starcraft Caravan

Price: Estimated $49,990

ATM: Estimated 2,000kg

Tare: 1660kg

Best suited for: Families who want to go on a short holiday.

Highlights: Family-friendly caravan with simple amenities and spacious living areas.

Lowlights: Basic features which some might find lacklustre.

The Starcraft Caravan is one of the most popular options in the Jayco caravan line. That’s really saying something seeing as Jayco is one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers. People love the Starcraft Caravan because of its affordability and durability.

The Touring version of the Starcraft model is great for driving along the highways. It’s equipped with an air conditioner, a kitchen (refrigerator, burner, and sink), an ensuite (shower, sink, ceramic basin, and vanity), and an innerspring mattress.

Inside, it’s a straightforward layout and design. You can choose from two modern layouts which is great for customisation.

9. Apollo Adria Altea 552 UP Sport

Price: $44,990

ATM: 1,920kg

Tare: 1,440kg

Best suited for: Families or small groups going for an extended holiday.

Highlights: Extra spacious because of its length, great interiors, and easy to tow.

Lowlights: Has wind-down corner stabilisers, a small kitchen, and limited storage spaces.

If you’re looking for a family caravan, the Apollo Adria Altea 552 UP Sport might be the right one for you. Equipped with all the necessary features like a kitchen, bathroom, and beds, you can take the whole family out to a campground or a water park in the city. This caravan is easy to tow and quick to set up which means more time spent having fun.

Because it’s so lightweight, it’s fairly fuel efficient and won’t be difficult to maneuver. The downside of this caravan is its lack of advanced features like a solar panel or a grey water tank.

10. Crusader Chameleon Action SV

Price: Estimated $56,990

ATM: 1,600kg

Tare: 1,150kg

Best suited for: Solo, couples, or small families. It has great flexibility, especially with the off-road model.

Highlights: Complete with all the essential amenities and a great layout for the kitchen and bathroom.

Lowlights: Limited storage areas which make it hard to go on long holidays.

The Crusader Chameleon Action SV has a myriad of features and amenities. Made with a fully insulated composite body, it provides passengers with the best comfort. Some models have a slide-out kitchen while others are equipped with an internal kitchen plus equipment.

There are models of the Crusader Chameleon Action SV with a wet bathroom while others have an external shower. This caravan has freshwater storage too. Other features include a refrigerator, remote-controlled lights, and a wind-out awning.

The great thing about this caravan is it’s convenient to tow and easy to maneuver. Even though it has limited amenities, it can be a perfect caravan for those who want a quick holiday.

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What is the best type of caravan for off-road adventures under 2000kg?

If you’re looking for an off-road caravan that’s under 2000kg, you need to make sure that it has a strong chassis and drawbar. It should also have an A-frame member built through the length of the van. Since caravans under 2000kg are pretty lightweight, you need to ensure that it’s sturdy and durable. Check what materials it’s made from and other relevant specs to make sure it can handle off-road activities.

What is the average cost of a caravan under 2000kg?

Caravans under 2000kg typically cost somewhere between $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the make, model, and brand. Usually, the more amenities the caravan has, the more expensive it is.

Can a small car tow a caravan under 2000kg?

The more lightweight caravans can be towed by a small car or by a sedan. Caravans under 2000kg are usually made to be easily towable by most vehicles.

What features should I look for in a small caravan with a shower and toilet?

With a small caravan, having waterproofed space for the shower and toilet may be useful. Other features depend entirely on what your needs are. If you’re travelling in a caravan with a large group, for example, having bathroom facilities with towel rods or a vanity could be helpful.

What is the best way to maintain and care for a caravan under 2000kg?

Cleaning the caravan regularly, and doing periodic maintenance checks and inspections is a good way to ensure nothing is amiss with your caravan. Avoid towing the caravan over or close to its capacity to lessen the wear and tear.

Are there any caravan brands in Australia that specialise in lightweight caravans?

There are several Australian caravan brands that create lightweight caravans such as Crusader, Avan, Jayco, and Ezytrail.

What is the difference between a pop-top caravan and a full-height caravan?

A full-height caravan is taller than a pop-top caravan. A pop-top caravan has an extendable roof, hence the name ‘pop-top’, which can be great for those with limited garage or storage space. Generally, pop-top caravans are cheaper compared to full-height caravans too.

Can I customise the interior and exterior features of my caravan?

There are ways to customise the interior and exterior of your caravan. Some caravan companies may even offer customisation options for you to choose from before you make your purchase.

How do I choose the right tow vehicle for my caravan under 2000kg?

Check the towing capacity of the vehicle to know if it’s capable of lugging your caravan around. You want a vehicle that’s powerful enough to tow your caravan while also matching its weight.