Though the effects of climate change are debatable, we’ve witnessed increased flooding, permafrost thawing and a consistent rise in the average temperature. This has prompted many sectors to shift towards using clean energy. Most notable is the automobile industry — carmakers have developed electric vehicles that have zero carbon emissions. However, this initiative experienced a challenge when it was discovered that making EVs leave more carbon footprint compared to its conventional counterparts.

EV batteries contain graphite. Mining for this has affected the agriculture and air quality in some areas. To address this problem, Tesla chose to use synthetic graphite for their batteries. These are made under strict rules that ensures less environmental harm.

Joining the effort to protect the environment is simpler than you think. A camping trip allows you to breathe fresh air and inspires you to preserve nature. On your next trip, consider taking one of these five battery-free gadgets.

Waterlily Turbine

This gadget is very easy to use. It acts as a water or wind turbine depending on what’s available, in all kinds of weather. You can even tow this on a boat and it won’t be damaged by sea water. Weighing just 1 kg, you can easily take this anywhere and charge any USB device with it.

GoSun Stove

Cooking outdoors is always a great experience, but sometimes making a fire in campsites can be dangerous. But with the GoSun solar stove, you cook using the heat of the sun. It comes in three sizes where you can boil, roast, bake and even grill. The stove’s portable design makes it easy to grab and go.

RinseKit Portable Shower

Oftentimes camping is synonymous with not showering. However, with the RinseKit, freshening up becomes possible. This holds around 7.5 litres of water and weighs around 11 kg when it’s filled and around 4 kg when empty. Being outdoors doesn’t mean you’ll take cold showers either. You can fill it with hot water or heat the water inside.

SilverFire Stove

The SilverFire Stove effectively uses biomass, so it has less emission. There’s very little charring, so the heat effectively transfers to the pot cooking the food thoroughly. In addition, no large embers are left after cooking. This means it wouldn’t be a pain to clean. The stove’s steel body is 100% real and not just painted on.

Minipresso Hand Powered Portable Espresso Machine

For some, the day only starts after they’ve had coffee. With the Minispresso, you’ll be your personal barista on the go. All you have to do is fill it with hot water, put in the ground coffee, unlock the piston and begin extracting. The gadget weighs 360 grams and can fit in most bags. You never have to give up good coffee again.

Reconnect With Nature

The more time you spend outdoors, the easier it is to appreciate nature. Knowing what you have to lose makes it easier to be involved in protecting the environment. These gadgets prove that many out there are working towards the same goal. So, don’t hesitate to try one of these and always keep an eye out for other green products that could use your support.

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