With today’s camping stoves, families can now easily cook healthier and more appetizing meals on their outdoor adventures. These stoves vary in the number of burners and the kind of fuel they use. Choosing which one’s best for you and your family mostly depend on the kind of camper you are. To help you figure it out, we listed the different types of camping stoves to choose from and included our top 5 camping stoves recommendations in the market today.

Types of Camping Stoves

When choosing the right camping stove, you must consider the number of people that you will be cooking for. Also, think about the type of trips that you will be doing and how much space you can allow to carry or store a camping stove. For example, will you be caravanning? Or perhaps backpacking from time to time? Once you know all these things, you can pick accordingly from these camping stoves:

According to Size

  1. Single Burner – If you go camping alone or a pair, then is ideal for you. Single burners are much easier to carry around in a bag, which is very convenient for backpackers and solo travellers. Having a single burner stove can come in handy as a backup for larger stoves.
  2. Double Burner – This is considered a standard size stove, perfect for small to medium-sized families. With this kind of stove in your camper, you can prepare the same meals you have at home and maybe even explore new recipes as you go on your adventure!
  3. Triple Burner – This type of stove is the best for a large group of campers because it can accommodate larger pots and can cook several dishes at a time. It can also be used by a smaller group who wants to save time on cooking but has enough space in their cars to fit in a large stove.

According to Fuel

  1. Propane Stove – This is a good stove for new campers because it’s easy to use and works very similar to your stove at home. Propane fuel is stored in a separate bottle which is connected to the stove. You can choose the size of the propane bottle which is more convenient for you in terms of car space and your budget. To give you a heads up, small propane bottles are easier to carry but larger fuel tanks are way more economical.
  2. White Gas Stove – Amongst all the types of camping stoves, white gas stoves produce the most heat and are the most ideal in cold weather. The fuel is odourless and burns without any bad smell. It also does not affect the food taste. White gas is also considerably less expensive than propane fuel. However, it’s more difficult to get used to operating a white gas stove.
  3. Kerosene and Unleaded Fuel Stoves – These stoves are usually single burners and are cheaper compared to any other camping stoves. The main disadvantage of these types of stoves is the smell when they are burned and the odour of the fuels themselves. They also emit dark smoke which can be bad for your health.
  4. Dual Fuel Stoves – As the name suggests, this type of camping stove can be used with two types of fuel. Flexibility is its main advantage because you can cook with whichever fuel is available.

Camping Stoves Recommendations

As a guide when shopping for your own camping stove, below are this year’s top 5 camping stoves that we recommend for all types of campers:

  1. Camp Chef Everest – On the top of our list is the tabletop, two-burner Camp Chef Everest. It uses propane as fuel and has an abundance of power on each burner (20,000 BTU). The performance is great and the stove weighs just under 5.5 kg in total, which is relatively easy to carry around. At its current price of $100, Camp Chef Everest offers the best value for your money.
  2. Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner – If you’re the type of camper that focuses on output and doesn’t mind bulkiness, then Camp Chef Explorer 2 is the camping stove for you. It’s a freestanding, dual burner propane stove that is capable of producing 30,000 BTU on each burner. This stove is well equipped for experienced campers. Its downsides are its weight (36 lbs.), lack of push-button ignition and less-protected burners. Price is at $100.
  3. Coleman Classic Propane – Coleman Classic Propane is the two-burner tabletop stove that we recommend for new campers and those that are looking for quality but cheaper product. At the price of $43, it is has a combined burner output of 20,000 BTU. It’s good enough for simple dishes and despite its low power; Coleman Classic is very reliable and gets the job done.
  4. Stansport Outfitter Series 3-Burner – For a large group of campers, Stansport has the right 3-burner camping stove for you. The Outfitter Series Stove has 2 burners at 25,000 BTU and an additional third burner at 10,000 BTU. It’s propane-fueled and a tabletop type of stove that has excellent burner control and weighs just over 7 kg. At $115 price, the Stansport Outfitter Series 3-Burner is a good purchase for its power and performance.
  5. Camp Chef Tahoe – Lastly, the Camp Chef Tahoe is the best type of camping stove for campers who don’t mind spending a little more for quality and power. It compensates for its heaviness (19.5 kg) and bulkiness with three powerful burners at 30,000 BTUs, excellent for cooking variety of meals for large families. Camp Chef Tahoe is a freestanding, propane-fueled stove with a $200 price tag.
    So campers, forget about bringing packed dry foods or some easy-to-cook salty meals. It’s time to take camping to a whole new level of adventure but this time, with excellent and delicious meals for the whole camp.

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