Caravan covers are a great idea for protecting your investment as they act as  a shield against sun, scratches, rain, frost, leaf stains/sap and acidic animal excrement. Using a caravan cover will ensure that you don’t have to clean your caravan as much leaving you to just pack up and go when you want to be on your way. Who wants to clean when you can explore?

There are many upsides to using a caravan cover but in the past they have also received a bad rap as older models tended to cause damage to the caravan. Older models allowed water to be trapped between the caravan and cover causing condensation damage and for the caravan to take on a mouldy smell.

These days covers are breathable. Generally the top will be made of a waterproof fabric with the sides being made of a water resistant fabric. As the bottom is open, condensation and steam seep out.

Scratching and damage occurred using old models as the cover itself did not fit the caravan correctly. Minor damage can also occur to your plastic and acrylic windows due to rubbing or flapping but if your caravan cover is secured properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Before you buy a caravan cover, you must consider what is right for you and your caravan.



Step one in finding the right caravan cover for your caravan is working out what size you need. Many people fall down the trap of not measuring their caravan correctly and purchasing a product that is either too small to cover or too large to adequately protect the caravan. Measure twice, buy once!


It comes down to “You get what you pay for” in terms of caravan covers. Cheaper versions on the market made from inferior products will only last you a year with the more expensive versions lasting considerably longer. If it helps, consider the value of your caravan and then think about what lengths you’ll go to, to protect that value.

Ease of Use

Many people are put off using caravan covers as they require effort to put on. Covers that are the correct size for your caravan should take between 10 and 20 minutes to put on and can be put on by one person. That little bit of extra effort putting a caravan on after a trip and taking it off before you set out will be worth it.



Before you make a decision, do yourself a favour and do some research. There’s a lot of forums out there with people talking about this issue and you can take as much or as little away from them as you like. Don’t just listen to the retailers, talk to people who have tried and tested the model you’re interested in.

A caravan is a big investment that should be protected. A caravan can be your way to explore the world and a home away from home. To further insure your caravan talk to Aussie Leisure Loans as we have a wide range of insurance products to protect your caravan and your family.

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Feature image by ReflectedSerendipty on Flickr.