What is a Caravan Club?

A Caravan Club is a group of caravanning enthusiasts, usually comprised of families with children, who own a caravan and enjoy meeting up and joining a caravan rally once a month in a prearranged location or venue. Venues can be at sports grounds, camp grounds, showgrounds, a national park, or scout camps.  As it is a social activity, members of a caravan club get to mingle and appreciate the company of other like-minded individuals.

Why Become a Member of a Caravan Club?

  • Enjoy your van more. Don’t let your van sit in your backyard for months on end. Why not enjoy your van more than a once-a-year holiday? Take advantage of the full potential of your van and caravanning experience by joining a caravan rally once a month.
  • Fun for the whole family. Plenty of activities and entertainment is organised during caravan club rallies and every family member will surely have something to enjoy. Whether you’re a grown-up who likes exchanges with like-minded people or a kid who enjoys various outdoor activities with other children, you’ll definitely find something pleasurable to partake in during club rallies.
  • Discover new places. Being a member of a caravan club also gives the chance to discover new places that only caravan clubs have access to that makes them exclusive to members. These are places that caravanners often neglect during their holiday trip.
  • Attend interstate caravan club rallies. Many caravan clubs welcome or invite members of other clubs to join their rallies in different parts of the country. This is another awesome way of widening your network by making friends and learning about their locality.
  • Get more in-depth knowledge about your van. Caravanners have different levels of experience. You can certainly get valuable insights from your co-members regarding your van’s potential and even possible problems that you may encounter along the way.
  • What’s the cost? There is a one-time joining fee and an annual membership fee that covers the monthly newsletter to keep the members updated with the club activities, and other miscellaneous news that varies with each club. Venues also charge a fee where club rallies are held monthly.

How to join a Caravan Club?

You will surely find a caravan club near you. Contact the club secretary to receive an invite to join. Most clubs give newbies the chance to attend two rallies and become a member on the third.

Some clubs also set a limit to their membership, but this should not hinder you from finding other clubs should you get declined on your first attempt as there are several that surely have vacancies. Moreover, some clubs also do not have limits to their membership.

Caravan Clubs in Australia

Here are some caravan clubs in Australia: