A British company, Go Barefoot, have created a classic retro caravan that gives the consumer a chic option that is cosy enough for any baby chick – that’s because it resembles an egg!

The single piece fiberglass shell comes in a multitude of colours and there are bespoke interior finishes and fabrics for you to choose from. The three body colours to choose from in duck egg blue, Cotswold cream and graphite grey. The design is stylish, aerodynamic and also lightweight so it’s easy to tow.

Designer Cathy Chamberlain explained, “I have really made it for myself, to be able to use at festivals. I’ll be taking it to Glastonbury next year. I wanted to make it look nice from the outside as well as the inside.”

We’re glad that they might be made available to the rest of us who want to look a little different as we travel down the road.

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