Dreaming of exploring the great outdoors? Australia is home to many scenic sights and unique landscapes just waiting to be seen and experienced. But you can’t go out unprepared—you need a reliable caravan to help you on your journey.

To help you decide on which caravan to choose, we’ve compiled a list of the best Australian caravans in the market. Read on to find out which one best suits your next adventure!

New Age Caravans Big Red

Estimated price: Starts at $99,290 to $100,290
Sizes: 19 feet to 22 feet

New Age Caravans’ Big Red range is among the best long-range touring caravans out there. Everything you need to travel in comfort is right at your fingertips.

Travel around Australia in peak style and comfort with its innovative layout options and exceptional amenities. You can choose a slide-out bedroom, bunks, and club lounges to maximise space when going on extended holidays. The interior boasts more amenities like a family-style kitchen, an ensuite bathroom, a reverse cycling air conditioning system, and a washing machine.

Other features include stylish LED strip lighting on the exterior, solar panels, external speakers, reverse camera, and more.

Supreme Classic Tourer

Estimated price: Starts at $85,000
Sizes: 17 feet 6 inches to 22 feet

The Supreme Classic Tourer offers a semi-off-road caravan range that lets caravanners explore roads less travelled. Although these caravans aren’t made for true off-road terrains, they can withstand rougher areas and provide more camping capabilities.

This caravan range features a space-saving and travel-ready design for ultimate convenience and comfort. Fordurability, the exterior is equipped with double-glazed windows, a Meranti frame,andan aluminium cladding or aluminium composite panel. The interior has plenty of great amenities such toilet and shower, quality furniture, appliances, and more.

The Classic Tourer caravans are a favourite among travellers because of their affordable price range and extensive size options. It’s easy to find one that suits your camping needs and budget.

JB Caravans Dreamline

Estimated price: Starts at $60,000
Sizes: 16 feet to 22 feet

JB Caravans is a popular caravan brand in Australia and for good reason. This Australian caravan manufacturer is sought-after for their exceptional craftsmanship and design. With the JB Caravans Dreamline range, they offer stunning features and high-quality luxury finishes.

The Dreamline range comes in three configurations: the Single Axle, Family Bunk, and Tandem Axle. Each variation of the Dreamline caravan comes with a solar panel, shower, and toilet. Other amenities differ depending on the model you choose.Whether you’re touring solo, with a significant other, or with a large group, you can find a Dreamline caravan that suits your needs.

Jayco Starcraft

Estimated price: Starts at $50,455 to $64,255
Sizes: 15 feet and 19 feet

The Jayco Starcraft is in demand because it’s one of the best-value caravans in Australia. The caravans in this range (Touring and Bushpack) offer great quality at a competitive price. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something that’s this affordable with these top-notch features.

The Starcraft range caravans can sleep up to six people. Equipped with a kitchen and 153-litre fridge, air conditioning, ensuite with a hot water system, creative storage solutions, and a 100 AH battery, the Jayco Starcraft lets you travel in comfort and style.

Supreme Spirit Tiny Home

Estimated price: Starts at $157,990
Sizes: 30 feet and 32 feet

The Supreme Spirit Tiny Home is the best caravan for families who want the ultimate comfort while caravanning. It fits up to seven people and is packed with all the amenities travellers love. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen, modern appliances, and a spacious bathroom. The perfect mix of luxury and practicality. This is a true Tiny Home away from home.

This caravan is perfect for touring or extended holidays in camping areas. You can customise your layout to make room for benches, recliners, bunk beds, or a home office. The nature-inspired design adds plenty of natural light so you can feel closer to the outdoors.

Crusader Chameleon

Estimated price: Starts at $58,690
Size: 12 feet

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight caravan, the Crusader Chameleon Action SV and Liberty SV are an excellent fit. These are the best caravans for weekend warriors who want a quick trip to the beach or local campsite. No need to lug around a huge caravan for your expeditions. Because of their size, these caravans are easy to drive, store, and maintain.

The Crusader Chameleon caravans may be small, but they’re built to last. Constructed with a composite panel body and strong versatile chassis, these caravans can adapt to your lifestyle seamlessly. These caravans also feature an internal bathroom, hot and cold showers, and more.

JB Caravans Gator

Estimated price: Starts at $105,600 to $110,500
Sizes: 16 feet to 18 feet

The JB Caravans Gator range is for those who want to venture off the beaten path. If you want some serious adventure, these caravans can be your trusty travel companions. These are off-road caravans built tough to survive the roughest Australian terrains and conditions.

Just like the predator the Gator is named after; you can expect these caravans to have a tough exterior with a single axle and modern finish. The interiors are soft and luxurious complete with high-grade appliances, reverse cycle air conditioner and heating, a mini washer, optional bunk layouts, and much more.

New Age Manta Ray

Estimated price: Starts at $79,990 to $94,990
Sizes: 19 feet

The New Age Manta Ray caravan range comes in three models: Escape, Ensuite, and Adventurer. Each variation is a 19-foot tandem axle full-sized caravan with a full ensuite. They’re great for couples or solo travellers. Although the Manta Ray ranges look similar to one another, they vary greatly in features and amenities.

The Manta Ray Escape model is the best-selling and most affordable of the range. It has basic features such as an internal shower, reverse cycle air conditioning, and one queen-sized bed. The Manta Ray Ensuite is designed to maximise space. Lastly, the Manta Ray Adventurer model is equipped for semi-off-road travel and off-grid features.

Kedron XC5 Cross Country

Estimated price: Starts at $175,000
Sizes: 18 feet 6 inches to 20 feet 6 inches

The Kedron XC5 Cross Country is a great caravan for going off-road. Its strength and performance make it an ideal caravan to go to more remote areas. This caravan has everything you need for a comfortable holiday in the Australian outback.

This caravan is meticulously constructed with hot dipped galvanised chassis, interlocked aluminium frame with high tensile punch pins, welded aluminium roof frame, Australian-made non-toxic premium roof and wall insulation, and commercial grade sectional floor planks.

In terms of power, you have a 300-amp lithium power bank and solar panels. Go off the grid with no worries. The interiors are top of the line too with a full ensuite, kitchen, external shower, and entertainment features.

Lotus Hollywood

Estimated price: Starts at 185,000
Size: 24 feet

The best way to describe the Lotus Hollywood is luxurious. A premium caravan with outstanding features and amenities.Just because you’reenjoying the nature scenes doesn’t mean youhave to downgrade your accommodations. Dubbed luxury on wheels, this caravan is the epitome of comfort and style.

The Lotus Hollywood promises a smooth and comfortable journey thanks to the robust truss chassis, independent suspension, and all-terrain tires. Inside you’ll see an expansive living area with Italian leather upholstery. The caravan is packed with amenities such as multiple televisions, a spacious bathroom,premium benchtops, a fully equipped kitchen, and smart features.

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What is the best caravan brand in Australia?

The best brand for you depends on the type of caravan you need. There are plenty of reliable caravan manufacturers in Australia such as JB Caravans, Lotus, Kedron Caravans, and Jayco.

What is the most reliable caravan in Australia?

Australian-made caravans offer reliable and durable caravans that last for years. Check out JB Caravans, Jayco, New Age, Lotus, and other Australian caravan manufacturers.

What is the best caravan to buy?

The best caravan to buy depends on what you want to use it for. There are various types of caravans fit for different needs like off-roading, touring, and more. Before deciding on one, make sure you learn about the kinds of caravans and what they’re best suited for.

What is a good size caravan?

A caravan of around 20 to 22 feet in length can comfortably fit a small group. If you’re a solo traveller, a smaller caravan can fit you just fine. For those who travel in larger groups, it’s best to choose a caravan size that can handle more people.

How much is a good caravan?

A typical caravan costs around $80,000 to $90,000 depending on the type, size, and features. Some higher-end caravans with off-road capabilities can cost upwards of $100,000.

How do I choose a caravan?

The caravan you choose must meet your needs. Consider the size, length, tow weights, layout, and features of the caravan before purchasing one. Do your research about what type of caravan suits your lifestyle best.

What is the lightest caravan to tow?

Pop-top caravans are the easiest to tow as they’re usually lighter in weight and more aerodynamic.

What is the lifespan of a caravan?

Caravans can last for an average of 15 years. Generally, the total lifespan of your caravan depends on how it’s used and how well you maintain it. Some caravans last over 30 years while others can break within the first five years.