Finding the right caravan can seem like an arduous task. There are what seems like countless packages on offer. If you're moving up from camping, or if you're not looking to spend an arm and a leg for your next van, the sub-1000kg class could be right down your alley. Here are the top 10 caravans under 1000kg.

Little Guy Rough Rider

As the name suggests, this is a cute little caravan made for two people. It's all about simplicity and ease of use. You just pull up, open the door, and you're set. It is one of the smallest non pop-up or flip-out caravans on the market. Inside is a bed, which does require some climbing expertise to reach, and a small lounge and some cupboards. The kitchen, including an 18-litre fridge, microwave, and induction cooker, is stored in the rear 'boot' section which opens like a large outdoor BBQ. At just 500kg, there are plenty of regular road cars that can legally tow this plucky van.

Conquerer UEV-310

It's like something the Bush Tucker Man would use. The UEV-310 is built for rugged off-road use with a military-like character. Although it looks like a tent on wheels, this is packed with features such as an 80-litre fridge, a camp BBQ, with some storage including a 330-litre box at the front. On the outside are heavy-duty zips and vinyl for excellent weather resistance. One of the great things about the UEV-310 is the fact you can option it up with a huge array of accessories and customise it to suit your needs.

Ultimate X20

The X20 is a pop-up and flip-out off-road camper. It's made with lightweight carbon fibre components and fibreglass, so it's easy for just about any vehicle to tow. It's built strong and sturdy too and is perfect for rugged off-road use. Standard features include a carbon fibre bench and table, drawers for storage, a 40A Redarc DC-DC charger, and a built-in hot water and shower system. There's also a SMEV cooktop inside and a 110-litre fridge for pure convenience and self sufficiency.

Camp In Comfort Journeyman

Another great camper-style van, the Journeyman is built to go anywhere. Once everything is popped up and extended, you can walk through the full-size door and experience the two-person dinning area and two-burner cooker and slide-out grill. There is some storage as well, a double bed, and even a portable toilet under one of the seats. Every aspect of this camper is built to last. It uses high-quality welds and durable fixtures, with a heavy-duty galvanised steel chassis.

Cub Campers Spacevan

Cub Campers offers two layouts for the Spacevan, with either an inside kitchen area or outside. Both are stainless steel, however, when you go for the outside option the inside kitchen area becomes extra storage. If you're planning on doing plenty of trips in winter, you can go for the indoor setup for a cosier experience. You also get a 90-litre fridge and an optional queen-size bed with some storage beneath when you go for the indoor kitchen. Best yet, you can take this setup across some of the most rugged parts of Australia, with its good ground clearance and protective exterior plating.

Jayco Starcraft

There aren't many full-size caravans in the under-1000kg segment, but the Starcraft from Jayco is one of the best. Being made by a highly reputable brand means you get all of the company's technical know-how and experience in one petite package. It showcases a rear door for best space efficiency and offers the full weather-proof benefits without complicated flip-out rooms and extensions. To pop up the roof it's simply a matter of unclipping four parts and using the raising mechanism, and that's it. Inside comes with a 90-litre fridge, a bench, some clever storage, a four-burner cooker and microwave, and a stainless steel sink. This is the perfect van for first-time caravaners.

Jellybean Camper

The cutely named Camper from Jellybean is a practical approach to pop-up caravanning. It's ready for the family, with two beds at either end and a living area in the middle with four seats and a kitchen. The kitchen gets a 65-litre pump-type water system and a stainless steel sink, as well as a 57-litre fridge which can run on both 12V power and normal 240V socket power. Jellybean offers a mild off-road package and a more rugged and ready setup with independent suspension and electric brakes. This is value-for-money caravanning at its best.

A'van Cruiseliner 1D

Okay, so it's a triangle and it looks kind of like a house. But when it's all packed away it looks like a regular pop-top van. The genius to this is it provides all-weather protection and comfort and the space of a regular van, only it offers the practicality and lightness of a pop-top. Inside there is a maximum ceiling height of 2.4 metres, with big windows giving the interior a bright look. Standard amenities include a 90-litre fridge, a two-person dinning area, a cooktop, an on-board 12V electric system with 240V support, and a double bed.

Jurgens G1601 Rascal

Jurgens caravans has come up with a little ripper with the G1601 Rascal. It just tips under the 1000kg tare weight mark (980kg) yet it's a full-size body caravan with a pop-up roof. You can enjoy the outdoors with the standard rollout awning, or tuck inside during bad weather. Underneath is an independent suspension setup, which is excellent for this entry-level class, while inside is a two-person dinning area, a kitchen and 90-litre fridge, and a bedroom at the rear. It's got everything you need for a short or long trip. Jurgens also offer very competitive prices.

Jayco Eagle Camper

You've heard the expression 'why fix it if it isn't broken'? Jayco has been building caravans in Australia for decades, and it knows a thing or two about how to design a practical, comfortable, and space efficient pop-out van. Jayco has honed the pop-out style with the Eagle. It's spacious inside with bedding for four or more people (seats double as extra beds), a good-size living space in the middle, and a decent kitchen with generous bench space. There are various power outlets as well as a TV antenna connection, and some storage under the seats. It's easy to set up too, which means it's great for first-time caravaners.