With the need to travel more efficiently and save money, many try to economize on petrol as much as they can when they go for a drive, especially when caravanning. Improving mileage is a huge question for newbies with the increased oil consumption caravan towing entails. However, there is no absolute answer to this as a number of factors must be considered. Despite this fact, there are typical issues caravan drivers can address to enhance fuel performance while on the go.

Reduce your load

It is important to check the amount of gear you have in your tow vehicle and caravan. Eliminate unnecessary load or the non-standard gear that may be adding weight to your vehicle which results in increased fuel use.

Pay attention to aerodynamics

Another thing to consider is drag as it drastically boosts fuel consumption. Figure out what aerodynamic aids you can use to reduce it such as wind deflectors. Remove external attachments such as roof racks when not in use. If really needed, remember to load them carefully to reduce wind resistance.

Ensure your engine is properly tuned

As in any travel plan, making sure that your car’s engine is in good working condition is of utmost importance. Ensure that your engine has been properly fine-tuned before your road trip.  Not only it avoids accidents, but it also guarantees efficient fuel consumption.

Check for correct tyre inflation

Regularly check your tyre pressure. It is advisable to inflate your tyres slightly higher than what is stated in your car  handbook as it benefits fuel economy and also reduces tyre damage.

Make sure that your tow vehicle and caravan or trailer wheels are aligned  to have a smoother ride avoiding increased fuel use.

Consider LPG conversion

Converting to LPG has potential cost savings especially for long distance travels. Although the initial outlay may not be cheap, economical advantage will be reaped in the long run.  Another advantage is your engine potentially lasts longer as the exhaust emission is lower compared to petrol-run engines.

Reap the advantages of a new car

If you are already considering acquiring a new car, you may want to take notice of a turbo diesel. These are cars equipped with diesel engines with a  turbocharger. They are designed to produce higher power outputs at the low end which is ideal for towing and fuel efficiency.

Drive efficiently

Sudden acceleration definitely chews up more fuel. So better be a mindful driver and try to maintain a steady cruise once your vehicle has gained adequate speed on the road. Try to stay out of traffic as much as possible to avoid unnecessary stops which in turn burns more fuel.

Caravanning is definitely much more enjoyable if you know that you are being efficient in your fuel consumption, thereby saving you money. Not only it saves you fuel, but you’ll be able to use those savings in other things that will make your road trip more pleasurable.

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