Australia is a vast terrain full of wonders meant to be explored by land. The question is, should you go by caravan or camp trailer? There is no quick answer to this. Each journey is different. And it’s a big decision, especially if you are planning on a big trip.

To help you find out the best way to travel around Australia by road, here’s a comprehensive comparison of a caravans and camp trailers.

Travelling by Caravan

Caravans are towed vehicles that come in many shapes and sizes. They offer luxurious accommodation while on the road without the need to set-up because everything is already in place inside it. Caravans also have a separate bathroom and a small kitchen. They are compact, often made of aluminium sheets, and are usually heavy to tow.


Caravans are also usually fitted with either a double bed or two single beds and include kitchen appliances like a stove, microwave, and range hood. Some caravans have off-road capabilities, which means they have all-terrain tyres, more ground clearance, stronger cabinetry, advanced suspension systems, and a heavier chassis. The cheapest caravan will be yours for around $35,000.


  • Caravans offer the convenience of being readily available when you want to stop travelling for the day. No need to set-up. No need to pack and unpack. You can pull over anywhere you want, and your bed is all set without effort.
  • Travelling in a caravan offers better protection from natural elements like rain, extreme heat, strong winds, dust, and small insects.
  • A caravan has more storage space, allowing you to bring more necessities for your journey.
  • It offers luxury on the road: air-conditioning, TV, bed, and fridge on board.
  • The cooking equipment on board will allow you to make your own food while travelling, thus saving on food expenses.
  • A caravan is more secure from intruders.


  • Since caravans offer more luxury, they are also more expensive.
  • They are heavier to pull and require a bigger and more powerful tow vehicle.
  • Travelling in a caravan will also cost you more money on gas.

Travelling by Camp Trailer

Camp trailers are also towed camping equipment but not as luxurious as caravans. Nevertheless, they offer the basic necessities when travelling on the road: a bed to sleep on, some storage options, and a small kitchen. They usually have canvas sides and roofing, which allows fresh air to breeze through. The cheapest camp trailers cost less than $10,000.

There are three types of camp trailers. First is the basic soft-floor camper. It has a tent section that folds out and an internal frame that extends when setting up. The second type of camp trailer is the hard-floor camper, which has a fold-over lid that can become the floor or bed base.


The third type is the wind-up roof camper. It’s the closest thing to caravan that you can buy on a camp trailer budget. Its interior is very similar to a caravan and some models even have an indoor bathroom, kitchen, and dining area.


  • Camp trailers are way cheaper compared to caravans.
  • They are lighter and much easier to tow even with a smaller car.
  • Travelling in a camp trailer will cost you less gas money.
  • A camp trailer is also easier to store because of its size. It can also access more off-road destinations.
  • You’ll feel closer to nature with the fresh air that comes inside.


  • It consumes a lot of time to set-up and re-pack. If you’re only staying in one location for two to three days, this can be quite exhausting.
  • Fewer storage spaces compared to caravans.
  • Bugs and dust can easily get inside.
  • Camp trailers also do not hold up well against bad weather. Rain and extreme weather conditions will force you to leave the road and stay in a hotel.
  • No toilet and shower.
  • Travelling in a camp trailer offers minimal privacy.

Caravan or Camp Trailer?

The answer really depends on your priorities on the road. Do you prefer more flexibility and versatility, or you would rather be more comfortable? The company of kids and the length of your travel can also affect your decision.

Then, there’s your budget. It will play a huge role in choosing between a caravan and camp trailer. A caravan will cost more and you will have to allot a bigger budget for fuel but you can save on food and hotel in the event of inclement weather. A camp trailer is cheaper but you’ll spend more time and energy setting up each time you stop.

So, weigh your options carefully. Whichever you opt to buy, you can always apply for a leisure loan to help lessen the financial weight of the caravan or camp trailer purchase.

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