We’ve put together a few caravanning tips for beginners to help you avoid the mistakes some people make when they’re starting out.

Some of us just don’t learn from lessons though. Some of us really only learn from our mistakes.

This can be a great way of learning when it comes to basic DIY projects, but for something as major (and expensive) as a caravan you probably can’t afford to make mistakes, or at least not as many as it takes to learn a lesson.

So here’s a collection of other’s caravanning mistakes!

Learn from their mistakes so you can avoid the cost and embarrassment they went through.

Measure your driveway

Your caravan holiday starts at home. If your first mistake happens here the holiday won’t be going ahead.

Pay attention to your surroundings and what your caravan is attached to. While you should do this whenever you’re towing, it’s especially important to check the state of your caravan if it has been camped, stored or parked for a long time.

Make sure there’s nothing underneath, tied to, or worn out on the van. Many problems can be repaired… unless you miss them and tear your caravan in half.

Caravan Towing

Check the towing capacity of your car. Just because you can take off doesn’t mean the engine will endure for a long haul.

Find out the weight of your caravan and what your car’s towing capacity is. If you drive an older model or you’re in any doubt, just have a chat to your mechanic before going on a long trip.

This video is a prime example of what can go wrong when you bite off more than you can chew.

Reversing a Caravan

Get a reversing buddy!

Caravans are large and bulky, they obstruct your vision and most of us aren’t even that good at reversing a car on its own.

You can save yourself time, inconvenience, money and even legal troubles by simply having a person guide you in when reversing.

Make sure they’re standing on your side of the vehicle so you can always see them over your shoulder or in the side view mirror, and pay attention to them. They don’t even have to give you instructions – all they have to do is yell “STOP” before you hit something.

Know Your Caravan Height

Your caravan is most likely bigger than your car… remember its height.

Find out the height of your caravan, write it on a piece of paper and stick it to the inside of the windscreen so you remember.

This way anytime you see a low bridge, underground car park or petrol station you can compare the displayed height (all these structures will display their height in metres) with the height of your caravan.

Judge Your Roads

A caravan is heavier than a car – it gets bogged easier.

While a caravan or motorhome may feel large and invincible, it’s not. It’s just heavy and usually not four wheel drive, so use your common sense.

Avoid particularly muddy conditions or uneven ground, and if you have to go through a body of water at least check the depth first.

By learning some basic lessons from these holiday maker’s mistakes you should be able to save yourself a bit of strife and embarrassment on your first caravanning experience.

But if you forgo these lessons and find yourself in a pickle, at least try to capture it on video so others can learn from your mistakes.

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