You may have already come across our first article on caravan life hacks, but the great news is there are plenty more!Caravan holidays

Holidays away from your home and all its tools and luxuries, can bring out the best and worst in all of us. For the best in us it brings out the innovator.

You can benefit from innovators who have come up with some of the best life hacks to make holidays more enjoyable.

Hacks for Caravanning Part 2

Jaffle irons – Firstly, if you want to save on cleaning you can add a layer of foil to your jaffle iron before adding sandwiches and placing in the fire. It’ll cook just the same but you can throw away the foil and finish with a clean jaffle iron.

Secondly, pizza!!! Add some bread or dough to the bottom side of your jaffle iron, tomato paste or sauce, toppings, cheese, close up and put in the fire. What comes out; single-serve campfire pizzas.

Bottled eggs – Rather than carrying around breakable eggs you can pre-scramble them at home and add to a water bottle for the fridge or esky. There’ll be far less mess and your morning breakfast will be as easy as pour and cook. Powdered pancake mix in a plastic container is also pretty handy – add water, shake, pour and cook.


Square containers – It’s really simple; square containers save more space than round ones. You save room, pack more food, and stack them on their side without them rolling away.

Glow in the dark tape – Add strips of glow in the dark tape to your stairs, the doorway, or even around one end of your torch. It makes moving around at night safer and easier.


Rubber mats – Those rubber puzzle mats used in kids play areas and home gyms add some much needed cushioning for under your caravan bed or bunk. They’re cheap, light weight and hardly take up any room at all.

Marinade in a jar – Rather than making a huge mess when marinading your meat, put the sauce, herbs and spices into an empty mason jar, add the meat and shake to get a good coating. You’ll have clean hands, tasty meat and a jar that just needs to be rinsed out.

Speakers – Forgotten to bring decent speakers with you for holiday tunes? Pop your phone in a cup or mug to amplify the sound. You’d be surprised how well it works.


Frozen water – You’re probably taking an esky and water anyway. And you won’t drink all your water on the first day. So freeze the majority of your water bottles and use them as icepacks. You’ll save room and be carrying even less back on the way home.

Shower caps – It’s almost inevitable that your caravanning trip is going to experience rain at some point. Keep disposable shower caps by the door to place over your shoes if you need to go to the toilet in the night. Slush through the mud in the night and discard the covers when you get back so you don’t tread mud through the caravan.

Cork your keys – Staying somewhere near water? Attach your keys to a cork so if for some reason they fall out of your pocket, they’ll float rather than sink to the bottom of whatever lake, river, dam, water hole or bay you drop them in.

Upgrade your caravan – So this is less of a caravanning hack and more of a suggestion – get a caravan you’ll enjoy holidaying in. New caravans are often far more space efficient so you feel less crowded, can pack more and enjoy yourself more.

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Feature image by rawndonfox on Flickr.