We’ve looked at caravanning fails in the past as a great way to teach beginners what not to do.

Now as the peak of the summer holidays is over we thought we’d check out some of the fantastic holiday fails people have posted from their camping, off-roading and caravanning errors of judgement.

So have a watch of these videos, have a laugh, but remember what they did wrong so you can avoid being in the next holiday fail compilation.

Know your limits

The first thing about taking a 4WD offroad is to know your limits and know what the car can do, especially when towing a camper trailer. If you can’t manage that at least have a whole lot of dumb luck on your side to pull you through.

Check the depth

Make sure you know how deep the water is before attempting a river crossing. If this means hopping out and wading through on foot first, do it. You can’t always be as lucky as this guy in his car-boat.

Camp on high ground

If you’re camping anywhere near the water, try to set up camp on higher ground, especially if there’s rain forecast or you’re on a river.

Shop quality, not price

When buying a caravan, a low price is not always a bargain.

Before you rush out and snatch this up, talk to us about caravan finance so you can get something a little more liveable.

Feature image by Roogl on Flickr.